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Digital transformation is essential for business growth in the new era of digital. However, many UMKM haven't transformed yet into the digital economic, due to the limited information and the lack of technological capabilities. Not only UMKM, many companies are taking a step forward to get exposure and scale their business up.

Bara imaji is a digital agency and digital marketing management which focuses on the brand ambassador and influencer management to help small and medium enterprises to communicate with consumer based on the business objectives through digital platform.

In addition, Bara Imaji also focuses on the segmentation of Gen M, namely the Muslim gene. The presence of Gen M is currently attracting the attention of world marketers to bring Islamic perspectives into new strategies. Currently, Gen M is crawling on the global market and continues to grow significantly as a strong and specific market segment.

Gen M is a group that is tech-savvy, independent, and believes that their identity includes faith and modernity. Gen M lives a life based on Islamic law, so it is important for them to be selective on what will enter their body or what they use daily by making sure a product is halal or not. They will pay more attention to products labeled as halal to avoid doubts. Departing from this habit, a specific target market emerged to ensure the comfort of Muslim consumers around the world.

Seeing this opportunity, Bara Imaji is here to bridge Brands so they can reach Gen M with innovative strategies and in accordance with Gen M values.

Our vision is to become a professional digital agency in Brand Ambassador and digital management that will become the main reference for SMEs and large corporations to develop their business throught the "SMART" mission.

" We are committed to helping the business to deliver professional and stable visual messages and values to their customers."


We listen to our clients to provide them exactly what they want and to become one of the pioneers in the digital marketing business.

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Live Shopping: Tren Kekinian untuk Menghasilkan Cuan

19 May 2022

Ketika berbelanja memang akan lebih terasa menyenangkan jika dilakukan secara langsung, akan tetapi terbatasnya jarak dan waktu membuat orang akan lebih memilih berbelanja secara online. Selain efisien, hemat waktu dan juga sering kali lebih murah


Mau Meningkatkan Pemasaran Brand Kamu? Inilah Pentingnya Menggunakan KOL!

28 Apr 2022

Di era yang kini berbasiskan digitalisasi banyak terjadi perubahan baik dari pola komunikasi, pemasaran, transportasi, dan lainnya. Tentunya banyak mengalami perkembangan yang pesat, hingga harus terus menyesuaikan dengan pola yang ada. Hal ini ju

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UMKMEMBARA: A program that aims to help UMKM by reviewing product, making photo and video, and providing opportunities to collaborate with influencers or celebrities. Free register via the following link

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